• Conceived, researched and wrote a series of national award-winning columns that challenged the conventional wisdom about Texas’s past, present and future.
  • Original demographic, economic, and historical research based on new internet resources and databases, as well as traditional archival records and face-to-face interviews.
  • Pioneering model of computer-assisted journalism
  • Reached an audience of one million in the state’s iconic publication, Texas Monthly.


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No Hat, No Cattle

Texas’s venerable myth, rooted in our rugged, wide-open spaces, is seriously in need of a big-city makeover.

by Michael Ennis

    Retro Texas, meet metro Texas. For generations the history-redolent mythology supposedly hardwired into every Texan’s brain has hallowed our rural wide-open spaces, even as the eastern third of the state has experienced an unprecedented explosion of urban culture. But retro Texas’s claim on our collective psyche is finally being challenged by its metropolitan alter ego. A sleeping demographic giant that has long considered itself an old cowhand is waking up to discover that it is really a city slicker….

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